4 Tips to a Successful Summer as a Work-at-Home Photographer and Mom

 Every time summer comes around I have this sense of thrill and then this nagging bit of defeat. The truth is summer is my absolute favorite season. I love nothing more than being out exploring with my kids or sitting by the river (or pool!) soaking in the sunshine. But my business doesn’t stop just because my kids are out of school and the sun is shining.

     To me, a successful
 summer as a mom and photographer means the photography business is running smoothly, the kids are satisfied, and my skin a nice shade of sun-kissed. I keep sessions in the 4-8 per month range. Fall will be busy so taking this time to really enjoy my family is so important to me! Here's what makes our summer successful!
  1. Daily Schedule: As much as I’m a go-with-the-flow type of person, having some sense of schedule helps me, especially in the summer. I keep it pretty loose though! Mornings are for work for me, and the kids get a chunk of screen time. By noon, we are all ready for a change. The backyard pool is nice and warm and we head out back for them to swim. I often bring out my laptop to get a few more marketing items checked off my list or pop on a podcast to learn something new. We do dinner together and a couple of evenings a week we have baseball practice. I don’t do any work after 3 pm unless I have an outdoor session.
  2. Weekly plans: I have childcare available one afternoon a week. I use that time for running in-person errands or getting in work that requires deep focus. I also try to book any daytime sessions during this time right now. I do have options for additional childcare if needed.

  3. Outsourcing: I definitely can’t do all my tasks on my own. There are some things that I can get taken care of more quickly or efficiently by outsourcing. My current list? Final editing/retouching, grocery shopping (pick up or delivery for the win!), and childcare.
  4. Delegating: Again, I can’t do everything alone. My kids help out too! We have a chore system (that we don’t 100% stick to) to navigate the mess. They’re also old enough now that they are expected to fix their own breakfast and lunch. I keep easy-to-fix foods on hand and this has been a huge pressure relief. These things help with running the household and the kids learn to take some responsibility and learn independence.

What keeps your family happy and your business running smoothly in the summertime? Share your best tips in the comments below!




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