Build a Photography Business That Fits Your Life 

Get more balance by making your own rules

In this Free 30-minute training and workbook you'll:

-Find your non-negotiables and put them into action

-Learn where your time is best spent

- Find your perfect fit pricing model

- Determine the tools you need to make your business work for you!

I'm ready to love my business!

"I'm doing everything right but it's just not working."

You started your photography business because you loved being behind your camera. Friends started asking you to take pictures for them too and then suddenly your hobby turned into a business you really didn't know how to run. It started out so great. You got home from each session eager to watch your photos importing, waiting for that next inquiry to roll in, and planning out all of the things you wanted to do. And then it got not so fun.

You didn't expect to live your life around your business. But here you are up late editing, missing all the things you really love and wishing you could just enjoy photography again. But it doesn't have to be like this. 

You can build a business that fits your life. With a little creativity, a mindset shift, and me here to hold your hand every step of the way, you'll be on your way to making every soccer practice AND having a thriving business. Let's find what feels good!

This free training will give you actionable steps to get clarity, put the right tools into place, cut down your overwhelm, and eliminate burnout.  

Let's do it!

In just you'll learn ...


Your own rules

There's no one right way to run a photography business. We'll determine your non-negotiables and put them in action.

Better Time Management

Time is the only resource you can't make more of. Where should you be spending it? 

Your Perfect Fit Pricing Style

IPS, Online Sales, All Inclusive?  Which matches your values and works for your clients?

The Right Tools

Look, you can't do everything well. Sorry. Cold hard fact. Find out what you need in your tool bag to get the work done. 

Past student wins...

What to expect...

Instant Access

You'll get instant access to the webinar when you sign up now! Start making changes instantly.

Actionable steps

This isn't just a bunch of "woo woo, you are great" information! You'll have downloadable worksheets to help you put the training into place.

A Customized Plan

Running a business is not one size fits all! All of the information in this training can be adapted to fit you, your life, and your business!

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: Every day I'll pop up in your inbox to give you worksheets and tools to put this training in action! 

Let's do it!

Hi I'm Kate!

That story above? It's mine. I started my photography business when my daughter was a year old. When friends started seeing the photos I had taken of her, they asked me to take their kids' photos too. It quickly became a business built on whatever expert opinions I could find on the internet. After struggling to find my way for 4 years, I was able to make a shift to a business that really works for me. Here I am 6 years later, with the system down to an art and ready to share! Seeing other photographers struggle as I did frustrates me!  I want you to succeed. Let's define what success is for you and get you to your dream business.